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Functional Genomics › MERA paper is out in Nature Biotechnology
High-throughput mapping of regulatory DNA Read More ›

Activity › Blue hills conquered
Functional Genomics › Haoyang's paper on regulatory variant prioritization is published in Bioinformatics
GERV: a statistical method for generative evaluation of regulatory variants for transcription factor binding Read More ›

Group Member › A big welcome to Grace Yeo who will be joining us as graduate student
Functional Genomics › Chris's paper on high resolution mapping of enhancer-promoter interactions is published in PLoS ONE
High Resolution Mapping of Enhancer-Promoter Interactions Read More ›

Computational Genetics › Matt's paper on nonchromosomal effects on heritability is published in PNAS
Interactions between chromosomal and nonchromosomal elements reveal missing heritability Read More ›

Functional Genomics › Tatsu's paper on modeling TF binding using DNase-seq data is published in Nature Biotechnology
Discovery of directional and nondirectional pioneer transcription factors by modeling DNase profile magnitude and shape Read More ›